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Surfing lessons in Aruba are done in a few different beaches on the island all depending on the conditions.

In the first lesson we go over SAFETY first which is our priority.

After a 5 min tutorial on the beach on how to get up it is time to hit the water.We will be surfing on very gentle waves and using very stable boards.So learning to surf with us takes no more than 20 minutes.Our system is extremely effective and easy to understand for first time surfers of all ages.Most of the spots for beginners have a white sandy bottom and are no more than 3 ft deep,which makes for a very secure and safe feeling.

Here at the ARUBA SURF AND PADDLE SCHOOL you are guaranteed to get hooked on surfing after riding your first wave.

So come take a lesson and catch the ride of your life,IT WILL BE NOTHING BUT SMILES :)

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  • Karin, Sweden:

    Thanks Dennis for a fab day!!! :) Greatest surfteacher ever! Had so much fun!

  • Dennis Martinez:

    Tracy Adams

    Thank you for taking such great care of our 9 year old…you are an amazing instructor! I can’t believe she got up and rode a wave! We will be back. Soon!! We can’t wait to see your pics!

    Like · · Monday at 4:15pm via mobile

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