Welcome to Aruba’s number one standup paddleboarding and surfing operations.

We have plenty of experience in the surf and paddleboarding world and plenty of patience, and also the ability to teach beginners to surf or paddleboard in a very fun and easy way,which is the key to our succes.

Here at ARUBA SURF AND PADDLE SCHOOL our goal is to teach you the proper skills and techniques for surfing and/or standup paddleboarding. Aruba has great conditions for learning surfing and or paddleboarding and it’s also a unique way to experience our island.


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We are passionate paddleboarders who do business,not a businnes that does paddleboarding.


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A bit about paddleboarding. Aruba is surrounded by crystal calm blue waters which makes for a very nice paddling environment. There are many beautiful spots for paddleboarding. Some different tours are our Sunset toursand also our Mangrove tour on the south side of the island (my favorite).

We also offer some downwind tours meaning we paddle with the direction of the wind and at the end of the tour we will drive back to our starting point.This is a good tour when the wind is blowing a bit too much.







Surf and Paddleboarding School


  • jennifer:

    i learned to surf with dennis in aruba.
    it was very safe and simply an amazing experience. i got up on my first try :)

  • Yvette:

    Dennis taught me how to surf two years ago and I’m hooked on the sport ever since. Learning is never ending and he still helps out and gives great tips and suggestions to improve my skills!
    A definite MUST try while visiting the island, if you love the ocean!!!
    Satisfaction guaranteed!!!

  • alimah:

    Dennis is the best! Laid-back–as mandated by the surf culture– efficient, warm, & genuine. He taught me at 30 something & my mom to surf in July– we were up on the boards in no time! The aruba surf school that he runs is one of the islands gems! Dennis is advancing the locals & the tourists alike, providing a wonderful intercultural exchange against such a sweet background. And remember all you novices–NO SUNTAN LOTION, LOTIONS, OILS of any kind! (Had to learn that one the hard way. Lol)

  • Dennis introduced me to surf when we where kids, now he is teaching my daughter in his summer beginner surfing kamps.
    Experienced instructor and a cool cat. I recommend him to anybody who want to learn how to surf or to experienced surfers who need their ways around the island to find the best surf spots.

  • mirjam:

    My son advanced his surfing with help from dennis,
    and for myself…….without his tips i would still be struggling in the white wash….

    if you want to (learn to) surf in Aruba, get in touch with Dennis.
    He teaches you and also gives you the best tips on which spot to surf or not to surf, safety first!

  • Our family can say now we know how to surf, thanks to our local surfing teacher Dennis.
    Dennis is beyond patient and you will surf on the first class…
    And once you catch nice waves, you will keep on surfing….

  • Cristelle:

    I was so happy to have Dennis as my surf guide as I had never surfed reef breaks and had no idea where to begin in Aruba. He found the perfect break for me and helped me navigate the waters as not to crash into the reef.
    Nice long rides…. It was heaven..:)

  • Tony:

    Whats up?
    Thanks for the reply.
    I cant wait to come back.
    How is the crew?
    How can I upload a wave from mexico.

  • Dennis Martinez:

    Aruba surf and paddle school

    Status Update

    By Ray Noland

    So, now after being back from Aruba and home in good ol’ Virginia for the second day, I’ve realized that I love Fall here and all of the colors of the leaves and coolness in the air……..but Aruba was WAY better. The honeymoon with my beautiful wife, Sarah Weaver Noland was absolutely amazing (other than a few black eyes…haha) and we just happened to be there for the first good swells on the normally lake-like west coast of the island in 4-5 years. Thank you God, for letting the stars align on that one. The local hospitality was amazing, and the food, even more so. If it wasn’t for our new found friend, Dennis Martinez and his Abuba Surf and Paddle school, we could have quite possibly had a surfless vacation and never have seen the true side of Aruba that we came to know and love in the week we were there. Hit Dennis up for good times if you ever decide to travel there. Cheers to Aruba and all of it’s kindness! We cannot wait to come back to you. Much love. “One Happy Island”!!

  • Jen:

    The entire experience at the Aruba Surf School was fantastic! My two siblings and I decided we were going to try surfing on our Aruba vacation and Dennis came with high recommendations when we asked around. We called him up, made quick and easy arrangements, and the next day we were down on the beach.

    What made it really special though was the individualized attention to our personal experience. First, he brought us to a nearby beach, but the surf would’ve been a little rough for us as beginners, so he volunteered another local spot. As we drove across the island, he shared some great information about local culture, pointed out sights along the way, and recanted his own experiences about surfing the world. (Dude is the man!)

    When we arrived at the new spot, we brought our boards down to the water, he showed us the basics, and within 15 minutes we were out in the breakers. All three of us were able to successfully stand up and ride the surf in. We kept at it for a long time, until the waves started to get rough and we were finally exhausted. Afterwards, we got some lunch together at a great seafood place on the water and then headed back to the hotel.

    It was an amazing experience and has since prompted our own interests in surfing at home. Next time we’re in Aruba we’ll be calling Dennis.

    If you wanna learn how to surf, Aruba Surf & Paddle School is the only way to go!

  • Matt:

    Dennis is awesome! Took a group of myself and two other beginners and had us standing on waves almost immediately. Really laid back and enjoyable experience. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!


    Tomamos clases con Dennis de Paddle Board, 2 horas divertidas que fueron desde lo básico hasta estar navegando por aguas tranquilas y cristalinas, acompañados en todo momento por el instructor. Fue una excelente experiencia.

  • Devah:

    I WENT PADDLEBOARDING TODAY! and it was amazing!! very relaxed and stood up on my first try. DEFINITELY A MUST DO IN ARUBA with a true local! THX DENNIS!!! absolutely loved it!

  • Ken:

    Had an amazing day paddleboarding! fun workout too thx dennis!!!

  • Roma and Lee:

    We had such a great time during our paddle-boarding session with Dennis, that we went not once, but twice within one week! It was my first time paddle-boarding, and Dennis was a great teacher, explaining the technique in a way that was easy to understand. He took us on two different tours, both exploring the beautiful parts of Aruba! We look forward to going paddle-boarding with him again on our next trip to Aruba!

  • Craig:

    Thank you Dennis.
    I have always wanted to surf and was shocked how quickly you were able to get me up surfing.
    I highly recommend.

  • Hiram:

    If you wanna get into surfing, this is definitely the place to go. Dennis is a real good instructor; you’ll be catching waves within minutes. He goes over safety, boards, body positions, waves… everything. Dennis even offered to help pick out a board of my own once I was ready. A real cool guy just doing what he loves. I’ll definitely be hitting the waves again with him.

  • Anna:

    I have been to several other surf and paddle boarding schools on the island and THIS ONE IS BY FAR THE BEST!!! Dennis is amazing and makes it a wonderful experience!!! If you have the option between an other school go with this one and I can guaranty you will not be disappointed! Thank you Dennis!

  • Dennis Martinez:

    Jeanne Kennedy

    Hey Dennis! Thank you for teaching my girls how to surf and paddleboard! With your guidance, even my 7 year old got up on the surfboard! I highly recommend Dennis to anyone who wants to learn how to properly do either water sport. Great teacher, great guy! Hope to see you next year!

  • Hi Dennis, thanks for the surf lessons last week. Alexa and I had alot of fun, we are glad we met you at the beach that morning. Can you send me any pictures you took of us surfing. Alexa has been telling all her friends about the fun times she had surfing. We had a great time in Aruba and the surfing was the highlight of my trip. Take care and see you next time we go to Aruba.

    Jason, Tracy and Alexa

  • Michelle:

    Thanks Dennis for an excellent paddleboard trip! I’d recommend this beautiful adventure to anyone! We’ll be back next year for some surfing, and will definitely tell everyone we know.

  • Steve Rose:

    Dennis was kind enough to rent my son and I 2 longboards. although we are experienced surfers he personally took us to the local break and showed us the lay of the land. Later in the trip my son got our car stuck in the sand and Dennis and one of his clients went out of their way to help us out. I highly recommend Dennis due to his character and service minded attitude.

  • Kim:

    My husband and I had the best experience with Dennis. We learned first how to paddle board on land so we already knew what to do before we even got out in the water. Aruba definitely has to be one of the hardest places to learn how to do this because of the wind! After about 5 minutes out in the water I felt completely comfortable – I anticipated falling in the water several times and I didn’t fall once! Dennis was right there with us – but doesn’t hover – when he realizes you’ve got the hang of it he lets you do your thing unless you need him.

    Dennis is a great guy and gave us the best quality experience for our first time paddle boarding – now we’re thinking of buying our own surf boards so we can paddle board on the lake! We highly recommend him!!

  • mirjam:

    We went on dennis’ paddle boarding tour @ mangel halto today, it was AMAZING!
    Also suitable for children, Mick and Jenna (12/13 years old) LOVED it!!!
    Really if you want to go paddleboarding and see a different side of Aruba, go on this tour!

  • Susan:

    Thanks to Dennis and his patient, relaxed approach to paddleboard instruction, I was able to check another item off my bucket list. It was difficult at first just to balance on the board, as I’m not in the greatest shape, but with Dennis’ coaching and encouragement, I got my sea legs and was off on my own in no time (well, after a couple of not-so-elegant tumbles!) Hopefully, I’ll be good enough next spring to rent a paddleboard and go out on my own off Palm Beach, but if not, I’ll be looking for a lesson from Dennis!

  • Lola:

    I had an amazing experience learning how to paddle board with Dennis. He was very patient, professional and knowledgable. He took the time to model the correct stance (repeatedly) and explained the whys and hows of the sport. He made my first time on the board a fun one! Highly recommend.

  • Deb Smith:

    Where are you located?? We are at Casa Del Mar

  • Carlos Miguel Ferreira:

    Wow!! what an amazing time I had Paddle Boarding! Dennis was great with the lesson and I think I did pretty good!
    I recommend Dennis and his school, its worth it. I cant wait to go back!

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